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T. Cavallaro & Sons Tommaso & Sarina
T. Cavallaro Sons Sera, Carmelo, Tony & Rosa
T. Cavallaro & Sons Carmelo, Tommaso & Tony
T. Cavallaro & Sons Family Photo
T. Cavallaro & Sons Next Generation
T. Cavallaro & Sons 2022
T. Cavallaro & Sons Tony & Carmelo
T. Cavallaro & Sons Tommaso, Carmelo & Tony
T. Cavallaro & Sons Robert

It all began in Lipari, Sicily in the late 19th century.

Using recipes handed down from his father in the late 19th century, Tommaso Cavallaro began baking and selling the family's artisanal sweets in Lipari, Italy.  With his biscuits, cannoli and cakes proving popular in the Aeolian Island, Tommaso's destiny changed forever when he met Sarina while catering for the sweets at her sister's wedding.

Marrying in Italy in 1938, Tommaso and Sarina started their own family - despite the difficult times of World War II.  In 1949, Tommaso set sail to Australia in the hope of creating a better life.  Arriving in Melbourne later that year, Tommaso began making cakes for a local business in Footscray, working hard until Sarina and their children could join him in 1951.

Now settled in Australia, Tommaso and Sarina saw potential to cater for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. Opening the doors to T. Cavallaro & Sons Pasticceria in Footscray in 1956, Tommaso prepared handmade cannoli and sold them to spectators at the MCG.  Their aspirations had become a reality!


With their eldest son, Carmelo, working alongside them in the shop, the family created their Sicilian sweets for customers half a world away! Their youngest son, Tony, later joined Carmelo in continuing the family business.  In  time, the shop has had up to thirteen members across three generations working at the family business.  Carmelo's wife, Sera, and Tony's wife, Rosa, also playing a big part in the pasticceria's history over the years.

T. Cavallaro & Sons Tommaso & Tony

With Carmelo and Sera Cavallaro retiring in 2022, T.Cavallaro & Sons remains a proud part of the Cavallaro family, with Tony, Rosa and their son, Robert, continuing to make the family's treasured recipes.

While Tommaso and Sarina opened the doors to T.Cavallaro & Sons Pasticceria in 1956, the shop remains the heart and soul of their homemade Sicilian sweets.  The artisanal desserts have spanned four Cavallaro generations, with the family noting they are the custodians of Tommaso and Sarina's hard work. Tommaso and Sarina's legacy forever remains the inspiration behind T.Cavallaro & Sons Pasticceria.

Creating Sicilian Sweets Since 1956
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