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T. Cavallaro & Sons Cannoli Background
We are, and have always been, best known for our handmade cannoli. Each delicate, crisp pastry casing is carefully filled with patisserie cream or ricotta and a sprinkling of almonds.  They are filled on the spot so there is no danger of sogginess. We also offer Cannoli Packs allowing you to fill your cannoli fresh at home! Cannoli are great stacked as a cake for any occasion and are easy to serve!
T. Cavallaro & Sons Ricotta Cannoli

Ricotta Cannoli

T. Cavallaro & Sons Mini Cannoli

Mini Cannoli*

T. Cavallaro & Sons Custard Cannoli

Custard Cannoli

T. Cavallaro & Sons Cannoli Pack


T. Cavallaro & Sons Cannoli Cake

Cannoli Cakes*

T. Cavallaro & Sons Cavallaro Cannoli Thin Logo


= Pre-orders required as these products are made to order.

To Pre-Order Cannoli Cakes and Mini Cannoli, please call 03 9687 4638
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