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T. Cavallaro & Sons Butterfly Cake Background

Sicilian sweets that bring a taste of Italy to Melbourne! Our Bigne are filled with patisserie cream and topped with various icings. Sospiri are two small layers of sponge bonded with patisserie cream and glazed in fondant. We offer an array of tarts including lemon, frangipane and salted caramel; and various flavoured Butterfly Cakes. Sfogliatelle pastries are filled with sweet ricotta, semolina and a hint of lemon; while Bombolone - or Italian doughnuts - are filled with chocolate or vanilla patisserie cream. We also sell a variety of chocolates and sugared almonds, which are great for bonboniere!

T. Cavallaro & Sons Cannoli

Ricotta or Custard

T. Cavallaro & Sons Butterfly Cakes

Chocolate or Vanilla Butterfly Cakes

T. Cavallaro & Sons Bombalone



T. Cavallaro & Sons Chocolate

(Boxed or Individual)

T. Cavallaro & Sons Bigne

Chocolate or Vanilla

T. Cavallaro & Sons Tarts

Various Flavours

T. Cavallaro & Sons - Coffee Ring.jpg

Coffee Ring*
(Coffee eclair)

T. Cavallaro & Sons Sugared Almonds

Sugared Almonds

T. Cavallaro & Sons Sospiri

Sospiri with Various Fondants

T. Cavallaro & Sons Sfogliatelle



T. Cavallaro & Sons - Ciambella.jpg



     = Pre-orders required for these products. Bombolone, Sfogliatelle, Ciambella and Coffee Rings are always available on a Saturday.

To Pre-Order Sweets, please all 03 9687 4638
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